I am mature and confident blond from the USA and Ireland. I specialize in the most sensual and unique of erotic experiences and also offer a wide variety of fetish activities for the more adventurous at heart! 

My GFE and Domination services are unmatched and my excellent reputation is world renowned.

I am Sensual Lauren and I'm also well-known for practicing sensual domination as Lady Femina. BUT DON'T GET SCARED OFF, I ALSO LOVE good 'ol fashion lov'n. GFE.

VIP Companion Sensual Lauren

I am a mature and elegant lady whose smile and sexy demeanor will captivate you the moment we meet. As a Florida blond haired and tanned bodied woman, and former erotic dancer, I am fit, and very flexible and enjoy private dancing as well as my other specialties listed below.

I am experienced in a variety of forms of gfe, role play, pornstar activities and domination (sensuous and serious) All limitations respected and experimentation encouraged. A woman with whom to experience things for the first time or to repeat those of which you never get enough!

I am a confident woman who loves men. My unique insight into your very secret desires and fantasies will leave you wondering "how did she know". Come to me and feel the comfort, warmth and acceptance of a woman with whom you can share the most special, unique and unusual of erotic experiences.

I look forward to meeting you and enjoying many of the pleasures that life has to offer.

Till we meet,
Sensual Lauren

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Sensual Domination

A professional dominatrix for over 30 years as Lady Femina,  my vast and varied experience meets the desires, needs and fantasies of a range of novice to experienced submissives (both male and female). 

My particular specialty of sensual domination encompasses the erotic adventures including role play (Mommy, Auntie, neighbor, School Mistress, Nurse -white room activities, among others) watersports, discipline, cross dressing-a particular favorite of mine, as well as those pleasures of an even more private nature.

If you have been holding these feelings inside for far too long waiting to find the Mistress of your dreams, one whose confidence and beauty combine to form an irresistible force to which you must submit,,,than you have found your Mistress.

My warm, nurturing and caring ways will leave you wonderfully confused and excited beyond all measure....come to my open arms and submit knowing that My desire is to make you the best you can be, to train you to please me in the most exquisite ways and leaving you proud of your bravery in coming to me and pleased with your new found peace that comes from 'a job well done'.

Goddess Manor


As a professional Dominatrix, I am often asked about cuckold training. This is an area of submission which is often overlooked by my sister Dommes.   

I enjoy having a wide variety of lovers ….black, white, young, old, male and female. Highly sexual women like myself are free today to enjoy all of the pleasures of the flesh.   The cuckold phenomenon is something which has become widespread on the Internet in recent years. There are many websites devoted to it, but few women who train cuckolds.   

How are my cuckolds trained?

They are trained to adore a woman and to share in the joy the woman feels when she has had a good lover. Not all cuckolds fit easily into one category. Some cucks are not well endowed, some are unsure of their sexual abilities, while others have not had many sexual experiences. However I have trained cuckolds who are well hung, good looking and have had relatively many partners.  Being a wimp is not necessarily a pre-condition to being a cuckold.   I have had wives send their husbands to me for training, and I have had cuckolds come to me directly. These ladies were unhappy with their husbands’ performances and/or attitudes. They are sent to me to learn how to please a woman orally or manually. I also instruct cuckolds in how they should appreciate their wives’ sexuality and to not stand in the way of their happiness.   

Cuckolds need to be taught to not only enjoy the happiness their wives feel with others, but to actually assist their wives in their love-making and to help to find lovers for them.  

A cuckold training session may begin with the submissive male being instructed in the cuckold psyche. We may then progress to bathing, dressing, and preparing me for a lover.  He may also be trained how to prepare Goddess Manor for my lover by putting out flowers, lighting candles, perfuming the air, etc.   

The cuckold will then greet my lover as he enters and serves drinks to us. Depending on the attitude of the cuckold, he may be allowed to witness our lovemaking or may be made to be blindfolded or to face a corner during the time.  He will then be called on to clean me and/or my lover and to refresh our drinks. I may then comment on him and his services in front of my lover. He will be at our disposal during my lover’s entire visit. The cuckold will then change the sheets and throw out any condoms.   As a reward, the cuckold may be allowed to masturbate if I think he has earned it.   

The above scenario is more or less Cuckoldism 101...

...more acts of submission and service may be learned as his training progresses. However one of my favorite tools to train cuckolds is chastity. I normally employ a CB 3000 for this purpose. Below is a photo of one of my cuckold slaves in his CB 3000 which I put on him and hold the key. I will discuss this aspect of cuckoldism further in another post. Oh and by the way…that is not what you think on his little penis….it’s a lubricant which is needed so that the device may fit  properly. 



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