Sensual Domination and Power Exchange
Many of you are curious about these erotic adventures but are concerned because most of the Dominatrix experiences one sees on the web are hard core, pain, humiliation and involve tight bondage and being put in compromising and uncomfortable positions...well, they are indeed some of the adventures one can enjoy (smiles) but I find most men are more interested in the titillation of POWER EXCHANGE! What is power exchange?,,,ever want to be with a woman in a business suit, have her seduce you, use you for her pleasure and demand from you all that you can offer to satisfy her desires? That is power exchange, at least in the 'traditional' sense of gender roles...How about being stripped naked, hands behind your head, long red finger nails lightly scratching your sensitive bits and sensitive skin...being pulled around the room by your private parts (gently or maybe not so gently), How about being tied to a table, inspected in all the most intimate of places, all the while the sexy sinister smile and deep laughter from Mistress/Goddess makes you embarrassed, erect and ready to explode...doesn't sound so bad,huh?
These are all examples of the FEMDOMME experience., that is, the Feminine domination and control of the male,,,I am particularly fond of CFNM, clothed female, naked male,,,,very humbling to be before a Goddess of a Woman, you, completely vulnerable and she, well, not!...

Give it some thought,,,Sensual Domination of the Naked male can be a liberating experience....just imagine, the height of intimacy and erotica without the responsibility of having to perform, just do what you are told, and everything will be alright,. easy, erotic and unbelievably sexy!! your thoughts?
Hoping to share this experience with some of you soon,
powerful kisses (wink) await
Sensual Lauren .

Feb 28 2018 thanking everyone for their patience regarding membership requestCategory: General     07:22AM   0

I want to express my thanks to everyone who has been patient regarding approval of membership on my site.

I have now resolved the technological issues which had plaqued me.  I will be adding photos and more information periodically and hope you enjoy my site.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the future.

all my very best to you and wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and sexy day...

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Sep 23 2016 WANTED AT GODDESS MANOR - MID OCTOBER 2016Category: General     10:45AM   0

I am in need of slaves with expertise in ironing, closet organIzation, possible dry cleaning services and unpacking duties as I will just returning from Europe. I have  lived there for six months each year for the past 15 years and now moving back to Goddess Manor full time.  No tribute is expected but I will supervise closely.  Contact my manservant athony at 

Sep 16 2016 BACK IN DUBLINCategory: General     09:42AM   0

I want to let me Irish admirers know that I am now back in Dublin for a week. I will then be returning to Goddess Manor in Florida. So please let me know if you wish to see me. LF

Sep 4 2016 ON HOLIDAY IN SCOTLANDCategory: General     08:29AM   0

I would just like my devotees to know that my manservant anthony and I are on a much needed holiday in Coylumbridge, Scotland. We are in a beautiful "lodge" here in the Highlands. After living for so long in hectic Dublin, the peace and quiet of our lodge is just what was needed. We had spent one night in Belfast, Northern Ireland and then took our car on the ferry to Scotland. 

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Aug 31 2016 GREAT RESPONSE TO THE GODDESS MANOR FANTASY WEEKEND JANUARY 13, 14 2017Category: General     12:01PM   0

I am happy to announce that we had a great response to our Goddess Manor Fantasy Weekend which is scheduled for January 13,14 2017 at Goddess Manor in the Tampa Bay area.  I urge my devotees to write me at and my manservant anthony will be happy to send you the information. We have a great mix of Femdommes, Cuckoldresses, Bulls, cuckolds, and sissies. So don't wait....write me and get the information.  Lady Femina

Aug 23 2016 PINTEREST.COMCategory: General     11:07AM   0

I welcome all my devotees to visit in my to see photos of Goddess Anneke, Lady Terrice and my self as well as photos of Goddess Manor. Please visit my links page. Lady Femina

Aug 22 2016 MY IRISH BLOG -TRANSGENDERSCategory: General     08:54AM   0

Transgenders have been in the news lately with the recent 'coming out' of Bruce Jenner...
Over the past several years I have become very very good friends and lovers with a transgender in Florida. She has been living as a woman, with her dominant wife for decades. Never have I met more wonderful people and the intimacy with both of them is exquisite. Making love to a woman with a cock is truly the best of both worlds.
I have also recently become friends with another transg

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22 APRIL 2015

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NOVEMBER 11, 2013

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Aug 22 2016 MY IRISH BLOG - CUCKOLDING, BBC AND HOMOPHOBIACategory: General     08:42AM   0

I want to post some of my thoughts from the Irish blog I have occassionally written on . Here is the first:

cuckolding,, bbc and homophobia

by Lady Femina July 31, 2013

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Aug 22 2016 Announcing the Goddess Manor Fantasy Weekend.....January 13 and 14, 2014 in the Tampa Bay, FL areaCategory: General     07:43AM   0

I want all my devotees to know about the Goddess Manor Fantasy Weekend which will take place on January 13 and 14, 2017. The party will be hosted by myself and Goddess Anneke and Lady Terrice. Goddess Manor is my home in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 

You would be most welcome at the party weekend. I am currently in Ireland and will be moving back to Goddess Manor at the end of September.

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Aug 22 2016 NEW PHOTOSCategory: General     07:40AM   0

Hi my devotees, I just want to let you know that I have added some new photos in the "Lady Femina" gallery and the "Members Only" gallery. They are mostly photos of some of my BBC Bulls in Florida. The Bulls in these photos will be attending my "Goddess Manor Fantasy Weekend" January 13, 14 2017.

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Aug 6 2016 BACK IN DUBLINCategory: General     07:20AM   0

I'm back in Dublin once again and will be available for sessions for most of the month. Hope to see you soon! LF

Aug 6 2016 TECHNICAL ISSUES WITH SITECategory: General     07:18AM   0

I know many of you have had some problems with the membership area of the site or the video. Some of this relates to whether yo are viewing the site from a mobile device. However I am working on fixing it. Thanks for your patience. LF

Jul 26 2016 MY VIDEO Category: General     02:18PM   0

 I am happy to announce a video whch features me (as Lauren) , Goddess Anneke and one of our many Bulls ...Buck is now avaialable to be viewed (by members only). My manservant anthony took the video a few years ago in Florida. Goddess Anneke have long been bi lovers and we love to share our Bulls. Cum to Florida and stay at Goddess Manor and meet us both.

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