Sensual Domination and Power Exchange
Many of you are curious about these erotic adventures but are concerned because most of the Dominatrix experiences one sees on the web are hard core, pain, humiliation and involve tight bondage and being put in compromising and uncomfortable positions...well, they are indeed some of the adventures one can enjoy (smiles) but I find most men are more interested in the titillation of POWER EXCHANGE! What is power exchange?,,,ever want to be with a woman in a business suit, have her seduce you, use you for her pleasure and demand from you all that you can offer to satisfy her desires? That is power exchange, at least in the 'traditional' sense of gender roles...How about being stripped naked, hands behind your head, long red finger nails lightly scratching your sensitive bits and sensitive skin...being pulled around the room by your private parts (gently or maybe not so gently), How about being tied to a table, inspected in all the most intimate of places, all the while the sexy sinister smile and deep laughter from Mistress/Goddess makes you embarrassed, erect and ready to explode...doesn't sound so bad,huh?
These are all examples of the FEMDOMME experience., that is, the Feminine domination and control of the male,,,I am particularly fond of CFNM, clothed female, naked male,,,,very humbling to be before a Goddess of a Woman, you, completely vulnerable and she, well, not!...

Give it some thought,,,Sensual Domination of the Naked male can be a liberating experience....just imagine, the height of intimacy and erotica without the responsibility of having to perform, just do what you are told, and everything will be alright,. easy, erotic and unbelievably sexy!! your thoughts?
Hoping to share this experience with some of you soon,
powerful kisses (wink) await
Sensual Lauren .


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