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Transgenders have been in the news lately with the recent 'coming out' of Bruce Jenner...
Over the past several years I have become very very good friends and lovers with a transgender in Florida. She has been living as a woman, with her dominant wife for decades. Never have I met more wonderful people and the intimacy with both of them is exquisite. Making love to a woman with a cock is truly the best of both worlds.
I have also recently become friends with another transgender female who is also a dominant and again, the intimacy is beyond belief....
I have found that when the chemistry is right, gender becomes irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the exchange of a fantastic erotic experience. I might add I have invited her to visit me in Dublin in the coming year for those of you who have the imagination and are open minded enough to consider such an adventure. I'll let you know when and if she can make the trip....I truly hope so...
so... when it feels right, do it. !! simple enough.

Lady Femina

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